Problems, Problems


There was a time when crying used to solve problems

Back then I only had to cry and there would be no problem

Growing up changed the situation

But I still could always tell my parents

After a few harsh words it became their problem

But just like a virus they develop resistance

Crying and telling parents become ineffective against stronger problems

Finally I find myself having to deal with my problems


Some are easier to be dealt with but some are not

Some become unwelcome companions and stop there they do not

They stay at the back of the head

Adding weight to every smile and happy thought I possess

Oh tell me, tell me what can I do to make them go away?

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Find out the Radiation Level of your Mobile


I wasn't planning on writing a post this week but this really caught my eye. Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone, and we are so used to the thing that it feels kinda awkward even to leave home without it (I mean it's really hard to find a person who forgot his phone at home these days). We have all seen the email which shows, using mobile phones to cook an egg (that one is a fake by the way). But the threat of radiation is real (even though we ignore it hoping beyond hope that researchers are wrong).

Well Environmental Working Group has come up with a new online tool which displays the radiation level of your mobile phone. This was one the most visited sites of last week. And more than 1200 phone models are rated according to the radiation level. The best phone with the lowest radiation level upto now is the Samsung Impression. So visit and see how much of radiation you are absorbing.

Just think about it, won't we be the first generation to experience cell phone related diseases. Although the cigarette\tobacco industry thrived till the 1970s the no. of new users is coming down drastically so much so that they have gone on to produce low tobacco cigarettes (lol). Who knows in a couple of decades the cell phone might meet the same fate. But there is still hope I guess since the mobile is way more useful than the cigarette (I mean come on most people started on the cigarette coz they wanted to look cool or grown-up) and coz way more people worry about their health than back then.

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Giving Up


what's the point of painting them anyway? the guys are just waiting for a clear space aren't they? If they paint it anything written first would be highlighted, at least this way the graffiti artist has to have good talent to make his mark.

Spotted near : musaeus college
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Net Loss වීම


මෙය ගැනීමෙන් ADSL පසුව උද්ගත වූ භයානක තත්වයකි. Loss වීම යනු වැදගත් වැඩ තිබියදී නිකරුණේ කාලය කා දැමීමයි. අන්තර්ජාලය තුල මෙලෙස නිකරුණේ කාලය කා දැමීම Net Loss වීම ලෙස හැදින්විය හැක.

බොහෝ විට අන්තර්ජාලයට පිවිසෙන්නේ විෂයකට අදාල කරුණු සෙවීමේ අට්යෙනි, නමුත් දැන් අන්තර්ජාලයට පිවිසෙණ විට Facebook වල gmail වල හා google reader වල log වුනේ නැතින්ම් හිතට හරි නැත (මට එන මහා ලොකු mail නැත බොහෝ විට තිබෙන්නේ forwards , ඒවායින්ද මම කියවන්නේ අතලොස්සකි, බොහෝමයක් එකවිට select කර delete කර දමමි.) ප්‍රශ්නය ඇරඹෙන්නේ ඔතනිනි.

Facebook වලට log වූ විට post ගොඩකි. එක්කෝ quiz results පල කර ඇත, නැතිනම් විහිළු video එකක් හෝ movie trailer එකක් share කර ඇත. එහෙමත් නැතිනම් photo uploads කිහිපයක් හෝ photo වලට comment කිහිපයක් ඇත (comment වලට නම් අනිවාර්යෙන් ප්‍රතිචාර දැකිවිය යුතුය). video එක හිතට ඇල්ලූවිට නිතැතින්ම related video බැලීමටද යොමුවේ. Trailer එකක් නම් ඊළඟ අදියර එහි imdb rating එක බැලීමය, එයත් හොඳ නම් වහාම torrent එකක් හොයාගෙන movie එක download කල යුතුය. මේ සියළු දේට අඩුම වශයෙන් පැය භාගයක් වත් ගතවේ (තව කොහෙද barn buddy, farmville, marfia wars වලට සම්බන්ධ වුනොත්?). මේ වනවිට එකෙක් දෙන්නෙක් chat එකට set වී ඇත. සංවාදයක් අතරමැද නතර කිරීම සුදුසු නැත. මුල් අය chat එකෙන් ඉවත් වනවිට තවත් අය එයට එක් වේ. අන්තිමට මහා ජංජාලයකි.

මේ අතරතුර බලන විට reader එකේ feeds update වී ඇත. අලුත් blog post පළවී ඇත. Endgadget එකෙන් අලුත්ම ගැන ලිපි 100ක් පමණ එවා ඇත. මේවා බොහොමයක් සිත් ඇඳගන්නා සුළුය. Endgadget එකෙන් touchscreen smartphone ගැන ලිපි එවා ඇත්නම් ඒවා ගැන වඩාත් සොයාබැලිය යුතුය. (මම touch phone වලට මහත් සේ මනාපය, තවමත් එවැන්නක හිමිකරුවකු නොවුනද, කවදා හෝ එවන්නක් ගත යුතුය. එමනිසා දැන් සිටම ඒවා ගැන තොරතුරු සෙවීමෙන් අවැඩක් නොවනු ඇත.) Podcast, Vodcast බොහෝමයක්ද පළවී ඇත. මේවායේ තියෙන දැනුම් සම්භාරයම අපතේ යැවීම සුදුසු නැත. කවදා හෝ ප්‍රයෝජනයක් ලැබෙන බව නොඅනුමානය. එමෙන්ම හොඳ post මිතුරන් සමඟ share කිරීමෙන් ඔවුන්ටද දැනුම බෙදාදියයුතුය.

මේ සියල්ල හමාර වනවිට වැදගත් දේ සෙවීමට තිබූ කාලය හමාරය. බොහෝවිට මම වැඩකට පිවිසෙන්නේ කාල සටහනකට අනුවය. මේ වනවිට මඳ විවේකයක් ගන්නේයයි මා සිතූ වෙලාව එළඹ ඇත. කාලසටහනකට වැඩ කිරීම හොඳ පුරුද්දකි. එමෙන්ම සෞඛ්‍යමත් දිවියකට විවේකය අත්‍යාවශ්‍ය්ය. එමනිසා මම විවේකය ගනිමි.

එම session එක සඳහා Net Loss වීම එතැනින් හමාරය. පෙර භාගත කරගත් movie එක බැලීමෙන් loss වීම සම්පූර්ණ වේ.

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The Childhood Ends


How do people work without vacations (I mean long ones)? That I've always wondered since I was a small child. During school days we are always waiting for the holidays to come, so no matter how hard the work became we always managed to draw some comfort by reminding ourselves that the holidays are coming nearer. And when they came it was 2months of playing, going on trips and just pure idling. But I've never seen an employed person enjoy such freedom (unless they get fired, in which case they become unemployed). So how do employed people manage to go on and on everyday from 9am – 6pm without feeling miserable?

What might be my last long holiday (2 ½ months) ends on the 14th of September as uni starts on that day. And I find myself dreading the end of the vacation, wondering whether it's the last, and asking myself whether I managed to enjoy every moment of it. How will I survive once I'm employed?

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Pen Drives: How to Lose One


Long gone are the days when 1.44mb floppies ruled the standards of portability. Nowadays its even hard to find a PC or a Laptop with a floppy drive. But the thing about usb drives (or pendrives or thumb drives or whatever you wish to call them) is that they are soooo easy to lose. I'm currently going on my 5th because of this matter.

The first one I got had a capacity of 64mb that was in 2004 (and the damn thing cost rs.3500, that was for getting through O/Ls). In school this device was a blessing. It was so easy to conceal so the prefects couldn't find them. So I managed to increase my collection of mp3s considerably using this (those were the days of the dial-up so downloading a mp3 was a costly business). But then my father also started to see the uses of this device. Now he could work at home and take all those stuff back to office in this magical device (initially he was totally opposed to spending rs. 3500 on this small device). So he decided why buy a new one when there is already one at home. So he started "borrowing" it, and after a couple of days forgot it in office, and the pen drive was never seen again.

So no pen drive till I got to campus. When I first got in to campus I thought this was downloading heaven (boy was I wrong, during day time I rarely see speeds above 20kBps) so I decided to buy a larger capacity pen drive preferably 1GB(by this time pen drive prices had come down) . But I made the mistake of going with my father so after listening to the prices and figuring out that that 512mb one was cheaper he said, ඔච්චර එකක් ඕනෙද? (which means I think the 512mb one is more than enough). So I had to settle on the 512mb (Thank God the shop didn't have 256mb pens). Then couple of months later I heard my mother complaining that a piece of the washing machine had come off (මෙන්න washing machine එකේ කෑල්ලක් කැඩිලා!!). True enough she was holding few fragments of a circuit. However one piece showed a remarkable resemblance to a usb connector, then it dawned on me that I probably must had left the pendrive in the pocket of my denim. I quickly looked inside the washing machine and found other pieces of incriminating evidence which I quickly disposed of before my father saw them (also managed to get that usb connector thingy from my mother). Then I joined her in blaming the washing machine.(However a friend of mine managed to salvage a pen drive after it was put in the washing machine, he was lucky twice.)

Again no pen drive. But now the pendrive had become a crucial part in my life. So after saving for a couple of weeks I managed to finance a new one and this time 2GB. By that time I had managed to persuade my father to get ADSL, so had a healthy collection of movies. So my boarding mate and I used to swap pen drives when we were going home (since the capacities were same we couldn't be bothered to transfer movies from mine to his and vice versa). By now I was a bit more responsible and from experience (see above) I knew put the pen drive in my pocket was not a good idea. So I used to put it in my bag. One day (this was after about a year) when I got home no pen drive (I had swapped pen drives as well, so the lost pen drive belonged to my boarding mate, more serious). Upon further inspection of the bag I discovered a small hole at the bottom just enough for a pen to fit through (talk about being a victim of circumstances, ආයේ ඉතින් කොහෙ කියල හොයන්නද?). So what to do, I told him to keep mine.

Then I went and bought a very cheap Chinese pendrive (2GB again). However this too didn't last long (and mind you the cheap technology didn't play a part). Thanks to the huge number of assignments and course works that needs to be submitted I have to visit communication shops a lot to get printouts while in campus (although I have a printer at home it's much more cheaper to print from outside, hp cartridges are more expensive then the printer). There I left the pen drive on the computer (and needless to say when I got back it wasn't there).

So I decided no more pendrives for me. I started working on google docs to prevent carrying stuff with me, no more movies , no more music or any other cool things, and most importantly no more worries. Plus there was also the added advantage of less virus attacks to my pc. But recently a friend presented me a pen drive (4GB, he had no idea about my history with pen drives). Until now it's NOT lost (oh I did manage to lose it's cover/clip) :) .

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